LUXOMAT is an intelligent and economical lighting control solution based on modern sensor technology. It has a wide range of energy-efficient products like occupancy and motion detectors, DALI, and Photoelectric switches.

Occulog Sensor

Air quality detector to quickly recognise a good or bad quality of air and indicate it by LED.

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Wall Mounted Motion Detector

Wall mounted detector with integrated pushbutton and used as a slave device to extend detection range

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Microwave Motion Detector

Temperature independent detector through various materials

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Outdoor Motion Detector

Specially designed for outdoor areas and high bay warehouses.

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Ceiling Mounted Motion detector

Ceiling motion detector for indoor use with 360 deg detection area with surface and flush mountings available.

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Smart lighting control solutions are widely used in both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial and residential spaces. Motion detectors are designed to detect moving sources of heat in their detection area reliably and switch the light depending upon ambient light. The occupancy detector regulates the artificial light in such a way that there is a constant Lux value in the room.
Microwave motion detector are designed for surface mounting and installation in lights which makes independent temperature detection. Detectors are available with spring clips for quick and easy installation in a suspended ceiling. Current air quality can be quickly recognised even from a distance by means of LED colours.
Although, with the leading-edge technology these sensors meets a variety of requirement and offers great convenience and comfort.