LED technology has been the latest trend in the lighting industry. The innovative light source is a technically advanced, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lighting technology. Good quality LED lights have a longer life while reducing electricity consumption.

Flat Round LED light

Anti-glare system with recessed LED and diffusers with easy installation

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Flat Square LED Light 25 W

Flat LED lights for wall or ceiling mounting with wide detection range.

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Flat Round LED Light 25W

DIP switches to set follow-up time, switch-on threshold and sensor sensitivity

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LED Light 12W or 24W

Inbuilt microwave detector not visible externally

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LED lights with integrated sensors technology are energy efficient and economical. Spotlights or Indoor lights contain Microwave or Motion detectors for a variety of applications. These are used to activate the lights only when motion is detected and there is too little daylight. Detectors are not visible externally. These detectors are individually adjustable for the optimum setup of the detection area. It means the switching of lights occurs only when it is needed.
Advanced lighting technology offers safe and convenient installation and can be adjusted to on-site requirements. Parameters such as range, switch-on threshold and follow-up time can be controlled using a suitable B.E.G remote or via Potentiometer. In some Lights three colours in one which can offer a switchable selection between warm, neutral, or daylight white illumination.
These LEDs are mainly used for corridors, halls, staircases, storage rooms, Toilets etc.