Lighting is one of the fundamental technologies that are all around us, and today’s system is all about how to control these with ease and comfort. LUXOMATnet is a networked system for building automation that consists of a DALI lighting control interface. A simple DALI system consists of a controller connected to the network.

Dali Link Kit

DALI LINK KIT an intelligent and most economical multi room solution consist of a set of multi sensors with large detection range and small in size.

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KNX Occupancy detectors 6th generation

Specially designed for building automation it will save potential and reduce running cost.

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KNX sensors are the world’s smallest sensors, which were specially developed as an intelligent and economical solution for building automation. It saves energy and effectively reduces the building’s running costs. LUXOMATnet contains a human-centric lighting control detector. It is a biologically effective lighting system that works on the user’s circadian rhythm and offers modern artificial lighting control.
A DALI LINK KIT is used for scene control and as a multi-room solution. It contains a DALI-LINK power supply, a multisensor, and a 4-way pushbutton interface with a built-in Bluetooth gateway. The DALI range contains detectors to suit every requirement, with different detection areas and up to three interfaces with additional HVAC channels, as well as a high bay warehouse solution.