Good illumination is important to ensure safety when using stairways. But lights switched on unnecessarily are a waste of energy. Using on-demand lighting means the light is reliably switched on, but only when it is really needed. An additional advantage of automatic lighting control is that no-one has to search for the light switch in the dark. And if your hands are full, the light is automatically switched on.
BL2-Ceiling Mounted Motion Detector
  • One channel for light switching
  • Ceiling mounted motion detector
  • Basic functions for cost effective application
  • Easy parameterising by remote control
  • Typical application: staircases, Corridors/Hallways

Dressing Area

Especially in rooms that are not in permanent use, such as toilets, equipment rooms, and dressing areas, the light is often on even though no one is in the room. Here, on-demand lighting control can bring about an enormous reduction in energy consumption.
PD2-M-1C –Ceiling Mounted occupancy Detector
  • Occupancy detector with one potential free contact
  • One channel for light switching
  • Manual switching via push-button possible
  • Additional functions can be set up using the optional remote control.
  • Typical Application : Dress Area