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The electronics sector is the major contributor to climate change as a large number of fossil fuels are burnt to match the energy needs. B.E.G’s smart lighting systems not just automate your lighting experience but also consumes less power compared to normal lighting devices. If you have a zeal for conserving the environment by saving energy but, often forget to switch off the lights and other electronic appliances when you leave the place then don’t worry, we have your back!. B.E.G offers an intelligent occupancy detector sensor that automatically switches off the electrical appliances connected to it when the place is vacant.
B.E.G offers an array of lights that are highly efficient to illuminate the high bay area in industries and warehouses, to the rooms in homes and offices. The smart lighting system comes with IR remote controller that has advanced lighting controls to set or change the parameters, and it gives you the power to switch on/off the appliances with just one button.

About us

Founded in 1975 in Lindlar, Germany, we today have our presence in 20+ countries. We offer professional solutions for building automation, particularly in the field of lighting control for all buildings. We are on a mission of improving the energy efficiency of buildings as well as the lighting quality for our users, making lighting more convenient and cost-effective.

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An innovative company with 45 years of experience


German engineering based detection technology


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Energy Saving


Proven quality that you can count On


Advanced technology with remote controlled


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